Zero drama dating review


But I had watched a video of him lecturing at the 21 Convention, and a video of him interviewing someone. I test-drove one of their products: a CD, DVD, and manual.

His voice is so nasally, it’s hard for me to listen. What’s great about the book are the exercises he provides, especially in part one (the book has three parts total).

Tony Clink – is all about using NLP to pickup women. When I read the book he basically says the exact same thing that the pua community talks about. I was hoping he’d expand on this fantastic idea, and learn more.

::: Division 4: Ross Jeffries Regurgitation (NLP Stuff) ::: 1. But what pissed me off was in his marketing he talked about how he was so different from every pua in the community. But rock on for pointing out a woman’s beauty is just a social construction. FANTASTIC insight, but unless he takes the time to edit the book or expand on his idea, save your .

But Alex still stays practical and gives excellent techniques, from the basics like giving her a clitoral orgasm, to the advanced stuff like stacking orgasms and you having non-ejaculatory orgasms. PART II: GOOD ::: Introduction ::: The reason these people are B Level is for one of three reasons: a) Heavy on theory, light on practical stuff. b) They’re basically a rip off of Mystery or Ross Jeffries. He dubs himself as all about Natural Game, but in reality he’s HEAVY into theory. I learned much from him about body language, and conversation. Nick Sparks I’ve learned a lot from him, but mostly from just watching him in action. Gabrielle Moore “The Female Orgasm Revealed” book was awesome.

One of his important insights is your most important tool in the bedroom isn’t your tool, it’s your voice. His programs tend to be more on the spiritual side than David Shade’s (David Shade emphasizes more NLP).

There are three big areas of life to get together: health, wealth, and relationships.

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