Youth dating violence programs


Witnessing the ongoing abuse of a parent or experiencing child abuse, threats, or actual physical and sexual abuse are all too often the cause of youth running away or being forced from their homes.A life on the streets often exposes them to additional risks or victimization.Runaway and homeless youth agencies and domestic violence victims’ services providers share a mutual goal: enhancing the safety and healing of young people living situations marked by violence and abuse.Recognizing and understanding the intersection of runaway and homeless youth and intimate partner violence (including dating, domestic and sexual violence) is critical to creating meaningful services and effective intervention and prevention strategies for both homelessness and relationship abuse, and in creating partnerships between the programs working with youth at risk.The YHS high school survey provides health indicator questions additional to those found in the YRBS.The YHS is being administered in Massachusetts public middle schools and both the YHS and YRBS are being administered in Massachusetts public high schools.

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According to the Teen Dating Violence Prevention Project, "The repercussions of teen dating violence are impossible to ignore - the issue affects not just youth but their families, schools and communities as well.OJJDP reports that juveniles were responsible for approximately one in five violent crimes.The potential for victimization of youth and perceptions that most violence is caused by youth have led many communities to mobilize youth to help solve one of society's most pressing problems.What they have seen in an abusive home environment or experienced on the street is often repeated by the youth themselves in their own relationships.Because homeless youth have so little control over their lives, using violence in relationships may be a way of trying feel more in control.Runaway and homeless youth often have little or no support systems and those being abused in a relationship may find it more difficult to leave their abusive partner if they have no one to help them understand what is happening and the options available to them.

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