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Is this crop of girls able to portray anyone other than themselves?Teamwerk Seeing as she won the mini challenge, Ginger Minj was in charge of assigning teams, and despite being able to handpick her own in Katya and Kennedy, the teams all seemed equally ill-equipped to handle portraying the judges.Watch Bob and Peppermint on Andre Gardens in the video below, and subscribe to the show on You Tube for more!Season 7 but one of the show’s mainstays since the start is out of the judging panel: Santino Rice. In a statement to the media, Executive Producer Ru Paul said: “Yes, Virginia, there is a gay Santa Claus!Violet, she of “I have the smallest waist in Ru Paul’s Drag Race history” fame, toddled down the runway with an mobile oxygen tank in tow and a corset cinched for the gods that left her with an 18–19 inch waist.The judges, including sentient pile of Supercuts clippings Ariana Grande, who is legitimately pocket-size herself, fell over themselves with admiration for the shockingly extreme visual of Violet’s wasted waist. The other problem with it is that, well, having an 18-inch waist is often an unfortunate side effect of actually dying.

There was one look that pushed the bounds of good taste in a bad way, yet no one seemed particularly bothered by it.

"I work with the drag queens who've been on the show. I also wanted to showcase another side of the queens.

Fans know they can lip sync, perform, sew, etc., so I wanted to show off their cooking skills! "I was inspired by a love of gardening, cooking, BBQ, and DIY crafts.

I wanted to combine that love with celebrity guests, which lead me to create, .

My mother has a green thumb so I inherited that trait.

As we enter into the sixth episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race’s seventh season, the show seems to be losing momentum in a significant way. And Then There’s Merle Tonight’s maxi challenge centered around the return of founding Ru Paul’s Drag Race judge Merle Ginsberg.

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