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Note: In obsolete K-Meleon 1.5.x the set-default routine is outdated, it works only up to XP-SP2 correctly.

If you're on a newer Windows and use KM1.5.x please read HERE. K-Meleon uses the Gecko rendering engine developed by Mozilla, which is also used by Firefox.

Once installed, K-Meleon automatically detects your JRE installation and no other configuration is necessary. To see if the JRE is properly installed, open Help (Old versions: The K-Meleon Loader preloads portions of the K-Meleon browser and thus allows it to launch more quickly - especially on low-end hardware.

Be aware that the K-Meleon browser keeps running as long as the K-Meleon Loader is running.

Instead the Privacy Toolbar with quick toggles for javascript, cookies, popups etc.It works fine if you have javascript enabled, otherwise it's useless and grayed out in the menu.There are several workarounds, more or less perfect, please search in the forum and extensions.K-Meleon is designed specifically for Microsoft Windows (Win32) operating systems, and also runs on Win64.There are no plans to port K-Meleon to other platforms.The default start page has been modernized, with just a search field and a few quick links, to last session etc.

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