The origin of the acronym "MILF" was first coined as "Mother I'd Like to Fuck" it comes from Post Falls, Idaho. I am embarrassed to say it but I made it up with a friend of sitting on a lifeguard stand in the summer of 1994.

The entry stating the term was used in 1984 is inaccurate it did not exist then.


Accordingly, a man age 30, cannot properly refer to a 35 year-old mother as a MILF.

this is bollox - it was used in the 50's by us fighter pilots in the far east and stood for: mother; i like fucking! Thank you for this information, but I think it's still not verifiable enough to put on the article page.

Is my recollection of this line in this movie wrong, or are there different versions of the movie out there (i.e. ) --Connel Mac Kenzie , (UTC) Think "Stiffler's mother" [while looking at a picture of Stifler's mom] MILF Guy #2: Dude that chick's a MILF! When I did a quick search for Jeff Jager in Yahoo People Search it gave me at least 14 distinct people including 2 in TX, and one each in GA and NC.

Being associated with this kind of story can potentialy have an effect on a teacher's employment in the Christian South. Eclecticology , 6 January 2006 (UTC) Uh, I have found a reference to MILF from 1995, so this can't be right.

And the first reference was to "Mothers".philbog My first exposure to the term "MILF" dates back to 1990 when I was a high school freshman in Massachusetts.

Because of this I'd have to question the claim that the phrase was coined in 1996 at a water park.

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