I am already hooked and I can’t even blink because I’m afraid to miss something.

So much for Pussylvr69 and my one decent shot at making a few bucks today. Get out of my room," he yelled, slumped on his bed about to light a cigarette. Yeah, perverted fucktards like you, who can't get a real woman, shell out good money to see what I got." "Okay, then, how much have you made at it so far? "I told you I don't want you fucking smoking in my house! Here we go." I adjusted the camera, then had Jesse sit down on the edge of my bed as I positioned my chair across from him.

She has a body built for sin and the face of an angel.

One look at her you will be under her spell in a few seconds.

"Give me a minute." I took off my headset, put on my robe and went to Jesse's bedroom. If I'd only known then what we were getting ourselves into. I cringed a little when I noticed that all my "tools of the trade" (dildos, bottles of lube, a few butt plugs, etc.) were scattered around in plain view. "Hi, Beaver Man, look who I found." 'Welcome back, Monique. Requesting a private session...' The computer made a happy warbling sound that I'd only heard twice before. It was all I could do to keep myself from squealing out loud. "Whoa, wait a minute." Jesse covered his eyes and turned away. You didn't tell me your stuff would be showing through everywhere. "It's not like you haven't see a naked woman before.

Five minutes, that's it." Jesse followed me back to my room wearing just his boxers and a wife-beater. There was the sound of coins dropping into a slot and 100 tokens were racked up to my account. " "That's it, son." "Okay, Mom." He wasn't taking this seriously at all. "Here goes." I opened my robe slipped it off my shoulders and sat back. He could complain and get his money back or even get me kicked off the site." I suddenly felt very self-conscious exposed in front of my son the way I was.

And then to my surprise she grabs her dildo to help her and sucks it like a stiff dick.

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