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Where there is demand, there will most certainly be supply.

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A few of the men later came back downstairs with prostitutes and joined us on the dance floor,” he explains.In fact, a well known five star hotel in Colombo, located near the Galle Face, is well known for this. Acting as a sex guide, this website gives in-depth information on how to “score” one in all parts of the world, including Sri Lanka. They give you a wonderful bath…” at this point he goes on to explain that he indulged in oral sex and afterwards “they give you a wonderful massage with oil and then a body to body massage…and gives ‘direct action’ to you.” Similarly, there are many other accounts quoting the same place throughout the website, from their many “satisfied customers.” But it isn’t just the five star hotels that have an underground notoriety for this, there are other hotels, other “massage parlours,” that render a similar service, for varying prices.One satisfied custome explains his experience at this massage parlour. Another entry made by a foreigner on the website mentioned above speaks of a massage parlour in Bambalapitiya. There is a very fat ugly woman at the counter who is supposed to be a herbal doctor and we are to assume that she’s running a herbal massage clinic!I pushed the girl aside and went to my room to find the short haired woman in my room emptying my trousers.When I confronted her she shouted to me that the police is coming and ran out.But the question is, how can it function so well if it is illegal? Speaking to a source well acquainted with the different prostitution circles in and around Colombo, (who spoke to The Sunday Leader under the pseudonym of Ganesh,) it was revealed that prostitution exists, only because the law allows it. There is a well known hotel in Bambalapitiya, which the police raids on and off, but the business at this hotel carries on unhindered despite these raids,” he said.

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