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Now he wanted to build a bigger, better version of the site, so he had to find someone to write the code that would form Author Bee’s DNA. K., but the cultural differences and the language barriers slowed things down. The search for programming talent was the part of building a startup that Bradley most dreaded. “And I’m as plugged in as you can be to the New York tech scene.”He put up a job posting on the Web site Angel List, and was immediately flooded with calls from headhunters and e-mails from offshore companies wanting to set up a “short online telephonic meeting.” “I could have had two hundred résumés on my desk,” Bradley said.He needed “one really good developer” with a mastery of all the coding languages and frameworks that Author Bee uses: Python, Django, Angular, Java Script, the Twitter A. But he knew that the people behind those résumés weren’t the ones he was looking for.

To launch Author Bee, he raised three-quarters of a million dollars from angel investors and hired programmers in Pakistan and Bangladesh to build a prototype.

“I definitely have some ideas,” he said, after a minute. in his sleep.”“What kind of price range are we talking about? City governments have apps, and the actress Jessica Alba is the co-founder of a startup worth almost a billion dollars. The venture capitalist Marc Andreessen told recently, “Our companies are dying for talent. of General Assembly, told me, “There’s simply not enough senior people in the system.”In Silicon Valley, where businesses are fuelled by venture capital, the “talent wars” have reached epic proportions.

“The first person who comes to mind, he’s also a bioinformatician.” He rattled off a dazzling list of accomplishments: the developer does work for the Scripps Research Institute, in La Jolla, where he is attempting to attack complicated biological problems using crowdsourcing, and had created Twitter tools capable of influencing elections. ” Bradley asked.“Ballpark, for this role you’re talking a hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty dollars an hour.”The rate was significantly higher than what Bradley had paid the workers in Pakistan. They’re like lying on the beach gasping because they can’t get enough talented people in for these jobs.”The computer science taught in colleges still focusses more on theory than on commercial application; the business of teaching practical coding skills has the whiff of trade school. Andreessen said, “The motivation to go find talent wherever it is is unbelievably high.” The Google campus is famous for its playful amenities: nap pods, ball pits, massages, dry cleaning, all-you-can-eat buffets.

The biggest companies frequently get into bidding wars over the best talent. Facebook has also become known for the “acquihire”: paying millions of dollars to acquire a company in order to poach its tech talent.

Twitter’s senior vice-president of engineering, Christopher Fry, was paid more than ten million dollars in stock options in 2012, second only to what the C. The company gets shut down, and the engineers work for Facebook.

Solomon thought that he might be interested in Author Bee’s use of Twitter. (Offshore developers charge as little as twenty-five dollars an hour.) But Bradley decided the upgrade was worth it. So-called coding “boot camps,” such as General Assembly, founded in 2010, are trying to fill the gap, teaching crash courses in how to design Web sites and write code. Facebook recently announced that it would pay for its female employees to freeze their eggs.

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