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For a while no one approached me, and I watched other kids attempt to entice the Adopters with strong throws or pretty smiles.The fair encouraged mixing by holding games of leapfrog and partnered up Adopters with foster kids.Many Los Angeles residents never ride public transit.But would they get on board for a chance at finding love?Finally realizing, similar to a game of musical chairs, that parents were being snatched up, I waded in and leap-frogged a woman while launching a charm offensive on her husband. The husband was brown like me, so I stood close to him hoping he would see himself in me and she, being of a lighter hue, would see what she liked in him in me.We made small talk while I walked the fine line between being pleasing and being obsequious, being engaging and being obnoxious, being energetic and being frantic. The couple called my social worker a few days later and expressed interest in adopting me.Technically I was given a choice about whether I wanted to accept them as a placement.I say technically, because it’s hardly a choice when your social worker is telling you to get with the program or you’re going back to the group home.

It was pretty clear early on that things weren’t going well. But much like when you move in with a boyfriend, breaking up becomes harder to do.

Participants will wear pink wristbands and heart-shaped buttons.

"We're just giving you a vehicle, no pun intended, to see if it leads someplace," Littman said.

For a couple of hours this Valentine's Day, one car of each Red Line train will be set up for speed dating.

"We're playing cupid," said Metro spokesman Marc Littman.

Five irresistible children's picture books Alas these fairs are not all fun and games.

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