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Jake also asked me if I wanted to compete, and I figured sure, why the heck not? If my Dad could somehow still be breathing months after his tragic surgery, what the heck is 3, 2 minute rounds of a fight really? Thats the only thing I really thought about when I hopped in the ring "Fight Like George." Within the first round I was knocked on my butt and almost knocked out.I started training in April, and I had a fight at the end of May. But I never stopped saying those words in my head "Fight like George"-- and eventually was able to return the favor in the final round with a knockdown of my own, and squeaked out a win via decision.The move was originally just to be closer to her, but it's my firm belief that everything happens for a reason, and my faith tells me a higher power knew exactly where I needed to be, which was close to family, and my Mom.As those who know me, in February 2014 my world and my families world was rocked with heart-break.

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My interest in the sport originally started back in 2011, my senior year at Virginia Tech.

I also decided that my days of chasing ALL the pretty college girls around were over, and it was time to chase THE ONE beautifully amazing girl back up north.

I moved in with my parents in Maryland, roughly 1 hr from Augusta and her family in Waterford, VA.

The gym there is old-school, grungie, and really just everything I was looking for. I would usually go to the hospital to be with my Dad in the morning, and take a break mid-day and head to the gym.

Once I started, I couldn't go a day without making the drive downtown to train.

Not to get into too many details but for those who don't know, my Dad, George Bowen, went in for what was supposed to be a fairly routine hernia repair surgery. and won't pretend to be, but the long-story short of it is, a major arterie was cut during surgery causing him to lose massive amounts of blood.

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