Soko dating


Although Stewart is single, a source tells Us there’s nothing going on between the two ladies.“They absolutely did not hook up,” the source says.

Unless she's on the red carpet we rarely spot the actress in anything other than loose fit jeans, a scruffy T-shirt, hoodie and trainers.Kristen Stewart went for a walk in Paris this week with French singer Stéphanie Sokolinski aka So Ko and by all accounts, confirmed their relationship status with no words, just PDA.Photographers captured the pair holding hands and kissing: Hmm...But it’s so deeply rooted in our society now that it is real life. Have you ever gotten a DM from someone and then met up with them? It’s just as real as you and I talking on the phone right now, or you and I having a coffee. "Sextagram" is a more opt word she uses to describe such messages, which tend arrive in her inbox with salacious intentions. And then all these people responded like, “That’s so crazy that people write s--- like that!

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