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To be judged harshly and without caution for engaging in sexual activity, as most curious teens do.These young women were intensely slut-shamed, and had their very traumatic experiences invalidated by judgment from their peers.Women are not only the favored targets of slut-shaming, but very often the perpetrators as well.Due to generations of internalized sexism, women often reject their sexually promiscuous peers as worthy companions or friends – even as adults. Or would you use a more negative term like “slutty?No doubt, it still carries weight if said with malicious intent.

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By the 15th century, the word took on the meaning of a “promiscuous woman” as well.Think: Have you ever called yourself (or someone else) a slut when your true feelings weren’t ones of disgust or disapproval? For some young women, the stigma of “slut” is so hurtful that it leaves their lives in ruins.Take Rehtaeh Parsons of Canada, who was allegedly raped by four boys who distributed photos of the attack online. Boys she didn’t know started texting her and Facebooking her, asking her to have sex with them. People texted her all the time, saying ‘Will you have sex with me?Many bisexual women are considered “greedy” or “slutty” for the mere fact of their bisexuality. that women should ignore or otherwise not act upon sexual desires even though men should and do?Why do we accept sexual exploration from our sons but not our daughters?This may cause women to lash out against other women in an attempt to rise above the competition. The double standard remains: Why is it that a girl who has sex is a whore/slut, but a boy who has sex is a stud/player? that a girl or woman is a dirty, unclean, and unworthy because she has sexual desire?

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