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If he'd wanted to know more, he could have discovered she came from Great Wyrley in Staffordshire and had attended the Royal Academy of Arts, where she obtained a BA in fine art, followed by Goldsmiths, University of London, where she studied for an MA.She had started her career as an assistant at the trendy Clapham Picturehouse in south-west London, before staff jobs at various photographic studios.And if the executive had any suspicions about Mia, they would soon have been allayed by her extensive profile on Facebook, where she had more than 500 'friends', plus hundreds more on Linked In, the business social networking site she'd used to contact him, and numerous posts on Instagram.Mia was clearly a well-connected, sophisticated woman — a friend of several well-known photographers — who had set up her own business in 2014 and was going places.Judith seduced the enemy commander Holofernes and beheaded him; Delilah seduced Samson and got him to reveal the secret of his strength.

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So all in all it was a potential match made, if not in heaven, then in cyberspace.There, the program, called Pupy RAT, was poised to steal corporate and strategic plans.It was then the sting began to unravel, though, as the company's sophisticated cyber-defences identified the rogue program and blocked it, ringing alarm bells. Its analysts, who have just made the case public, soon discovered one of that company's employees had been communicating with 'Mia Ash' for more than a month. Dark-eyed and alluring, with glossy hair worn in a sexy, tousled style, Mia Ash was 30 years old, a well-educated, successful photographer based in London, independent-minded and looking for love.The middle-aged executive she approached online was captivated.A photograph chosen to represent her, as well as numerous selfies, were lifted from the social media accounts of an innocent Romanian student and blogger.

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