Selective recruiting dating


As a baseball coach, that’s the better time to do it, when our kids (players) are home for the winter break and holiday break.” People always talk about programs with a “family environment.” Bakich’s program epitomizes the idea of being part of something more than just a team. And that’s precisely why the Wolverines have been able to recruit with the best in the nation. From a player’s standpoint, the players get to choose where they want to go.From a coach’s standpoint, you know, being able to have a huge part in that decision-making process for that kid…However, a player could have athletic ability in spades and not still not match Michigan’s ideal prospect. “(That outburst) was already a huge Strike 1 against him,” said Bakich.

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We purposefully do not schedule any camps here until just this past week.

“They know these kids the best, and we ask them questions about the player’s attitude, their toughness, the energy that they bring and how they interact with teammates and coaches.

Except that not many recruiters can honestly say they treated their matchmaking in the same way they interview and fill jobs. Employment, like dating, is a relationship where two parties spend a significant part of their lives with one another.

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“(That was) our conversation on our second date — I didn’t bring up recruiting on our first date, I brought it up on our second date,” laughed Bakich, who was then an assistant at Vanderbilt. Her mother might be the biggest college football fan on the face of the Earth, said Bakich.

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