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Please consider donating a handmade item to our reunion to put in our gift basket collection for giving away during the weekend. Maybe your company or business has something that they would be willing to donate.

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A further 29 were chosen to represent the extremes of variation (both small and large).We also measured the hypoglossal canal in specimens of the early hominid taxa to further assess the evolution of canal size.To test the assumption that hypoglossal canal size is correlated with hypoglossal nerve size and that the latter reflects the number of axons in the nerve, we measured both nerve and canal diameter and estimated axon number in a sample of human cadavers.To test the hypothesis that hypoglossal canal size is indicative of speech, we measured the hypoglossal canals of 75 nonhuman primates and 104 modern humans.If the size of the hypoglossal canal can be used as an indicator of speech, then it should be larger (either absolutely or relative to tongue mass) in humans than in other primates.Let us know as soon as possible if you will consider donating, as we are really excited about this possibility! Communication (emails/registration form/keepsake booklet) 7.

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