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KEITH OLBERMANN: Yes, you talk about self-loathing.GAROFALO: Yeah, and there’s, any female or person of color in the Republican party is struggling with Stockholm Syndrome.After her graduation from Stanford University & upon sending hundreds of demo tapes, Daryn was employed as on-air correspondent at Santa Barbara television station named KEYT-TV.Later, she was appointed as General Assignment Reporter by KTVK located in Phoenix.In 2004, she was in a romantic relationship with an American Radio personality but something went wrong and they broke up in 2006.We can stay connected to her via Twitter @Daryn Kagan.Initially an athlete, Daryn has also done anchoring on ESPN sports on radio.On Thursday’s Countdown show, left-wing actress and comedienne Janeane Garofalo appeared to talk about a recent poll finding that Rush Limbaugh is substantially less popular with women than with men.

And there will be some Eva Brauns, Squeaky Frommes out there that will respond really well to this cattle call right now. GAROFALO, REFERRING TO DARYN KAGAN: She dated him, so either she suffers from Stockholm Syndrome – a lot like Michael Steele, who’s the black guy in the Republican party who suffers from Stockholm Syndrome, which means you try and curry favor with the oppressor. GAROFALO: Yeah, and there’s, any female or person of color in the Republican party is struggling with Stockholm Syndrome.Sherrod Brown, is, in fact, white."Uh, Sherrod Brown's a white guy? Mike De Wine."Rush Limbaugh obviously knows as much about me as the Republicans know about balancing the budget," Brown told the Chronicle-Telegram of Elyria, Ohio, for an article published Friday.Later in his show, Limbaugh said he kept getting e-mails."We have corrected this, and I, you know, I'm not gonna apologize because I don't think it's an insult to be black," he said.Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh criticized the New York Times for its story last week that the Democratic Party pushed Paul Hackett out of the race to take on Sen. Limbaugh chided the Times for not saying the Dems dumped Hackett because they preferred a black candidate. Kagan is an American broadcast journalist, best known for her work with CNN.

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