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En vieillissant, j'ai eu envie d'être totalement moi-même sur mes albums, et même musicalement, avec une approche plus calme. Who knew that car commercials would fill the artist revenue void in an i Tunes world increasingly devoid of physical record stores? Pigeon John spoke to us briefly at the beginning of his promotional tour and provided an elaborate preview of how he sets up the Pigeon John experience. It was cool, very classy; I loved the whole basement element. What do you remember most about moving from your Nebraska birthplace to LA? I can hear some of that Beatles piano in “Buttersoft Seats” and “Dude it’s On.” There’s a bit of everything in there. From my very first record with Brainwash Projects melody began creeping in with great examples of The Pharcyde, Slick Rick and Jungle Brothers. I still approached it as an MC as Beck did "Loser". What's your relationship to this era in terms of influences? We wear tennis shoes without ever picking up a racket. We first heard the Beatles and Bob Dylan when Beastie Boys and De La Souls sampled them. We've always been influenced by rock and vice versa. So when I listened to The Beach Boys, I heard them as neighborhood kids. And I said, “man, those chords sum up a huge feeling.” I don't read music or know chords and stuff. The song doesn't have a "melody" up front but behind the song. Hailing from Germany, Quadro Nuevo has built a career assimilating musical influences from around the globe.While on tour, all the rap acts would listen to rock ‘n’ roll and all the rock bands would listen to A Tribe Called Quest. Did you grow up on this stuff as much as you did hip-hop? So when I let go of the wheel it veered to what was outside of my world. Way back there, there were lovely harmonic chords left unplayed. I pictured the song brand new and went to redesign the tune. Because your music is in an entirely different place today than it was 15 years back, do you feel a detachment or somewhat disaffected from your earlier work when you perform it live these days? Like seeing an old picture of yourself drunk in a loft party in the '90s surrounded by all your dreams..you forgot about. While it's not unjustified to call them a jazz group, they've elevated their sound exploring the worlds of Argentinian tango, Austrian classical traditions, Indian raga, and Romanian folk customs, among others.Stylistically, what did you try to do this time around with Good Sinner?After I completed my last album Encino Man I felt a period.

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I thought, "Oh I get it now" and I laid back and smiled.

Every singer wants to rap and every rapper wants to sing. I grew up in Hawthorne before I knew it was the hometown of the Beach Boys. So I found the notes and the song changed from a cheeky teen yell to a haunting call. How do you approach your earlier work in a live set up? Whenever I do slip on an old record of mine I laugh out loud because I was doing everything without thinking with my eyes closed. The term “world music" may be a bit diluted and vague after years of being thrown about by record labels and PR firms (besides, isn't all music of our world? in guitar performance (music theory minor) from the University of South Carolina; his dissertation focused on the classical/jazz fusion of third stream music.

), but Quadro Nuevo has unquestionably earned the title considering their passport-friendly approach to composition and improvisation over the past 20 years. Fascinated with the genre-crossing possibilities of the acoustic guitar, his arrangements for the instrument range from Scottish lute music and Brazilian choro to Radiohead and the Beatles.

Like the reflective and sentimental “I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times” where he sings “Every time I get the inspiration to go change things around no one wants to help me look for places where new things might be found.” Yeah, then Beatles are another one too. It's like this, DJ Abilities gets the crowd started, then the lights go out!

He really did things that people had never done before in pop.

His following albums over the course of the years would further develop the melodic sensibilities owing more and more to pop.

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