On the verge of dating


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On the fateful day my body refused to wake up, I was half-way through running a five-day training programme for executives. So I started Pause retreats as a way to help other people to recognise the signs of burnout.Look carefully at the questions you scored 1 or 2 for — now is the time to address areas of your life that feel overwhelming, frustrating or disappointing.It is not a case of ‘fixing’ these areas; but about asking yourself what you need and what you wish to give.I would send emails at 3am, then be up again at 6am. The World Health Organisation predicts that work-related stress, burnout and depression will top the list of the world’s most prevalent diseases by 2020.I was on a treadmill that I couldn’t see was having an effect. I was three stone heavier than I am today; my joints ached constantly. Once a week, I’d travel to London to see a therapist. Increasingly, none of us can truly get away from the office — we check our phones on average 221 times a day.Take the chance to take a break, before things get ahead of you.

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