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One of the first things producers need to do is to estimate the amount of residue available in a field for the cattle to graze.

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Knowing the nutrient needs of cows is key to knowing what supplementation strategy is necessary.

The program is a joint effort of the Task Force and K-State Research and Extension.

Proceedings from this and past meetings plus other valuable resources can be found at

They also participate in pork industry-developed programs that include responsible antibiotics use and support federal efforts to track antibiotic resistance in foodborne bacteria from humans, retail meats and food animals.

Prevention uses of antibiotics involve administering antimicrobial drugs to animals that aren’t exhibiting clinical signs of disease but that likely will get disease if a drug isn’t administered.

While the WHO guidelines acknowledge the role of veterinarians, they would also impose unnecessary and unrealistic constraints on their professional judgement."“USDA agrees that we need more data to assess progress on antimicrobial use and resistance, and we need to continue to develop alternative therapies for the treatment, control, and prevention of disease in animals.

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