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Show is about a future where your mind can be uploaded into a new body, which is what happens to ex-military criminal Takeshi Kovacs, who must solve a murder in a world where technology has made death practically impossible, in order to gain his freedom.takes control of Chicago’s troubled 13th District after his friend is brutally murdered and bleeds out in his arms.Fresh from her battles with computer programmes in Person of Interest, Sarah Shahi battles with a virtual reality programmes in this new drama.Also starring Dennis Haysbert (24- arguably the President the US could currently do with).Her facilitator Micheal (Ted Danson) tells her she is in ‘the good place’ due to her good deeds… Castle’s Stana Katic returns to TV as an FBI who vanishes whilst chasing a serial killer, only to be found 6yrs later, with no memory of what happened to her.What’s more, she is now on the run, after being implicated in a new set of murders…

Your boss is both an absolute loon and an incredible jerk.

A timely reminder of problems created by splitting a country in two, this highly-rated German drama, centred on a spy for the East German Stasi, kicks off Channel 4’s new foreign language project – Walter Presents, available initially on Channel 4. Marlene King about a college girl who has to balance life as a college student whilst also landing her big break as a movie star.

Adapted from the book by Rebecca Serle, and starring Bella Thorne. Follows the story of a corrupt, intoxicated ex-cop turned hit-man, who is injured when a hit goes bad, only to have his life changed forever by a relentlessly positive, imaginary tiny blue winged horse named Happy!

The company I work at has three branches and around 100 employees.

The owner of the company has a brother who needs a liver transplant. My employer’s assistant has said that because our employment is at will, he can legally fire us. I’m ineligible to donate and any kind of surgery would put a major strain on my system.

Renewed for season 2, although that probably won’t arrive till 2018 at the earliest.

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