Naked survive


But unlike mice (or you and I, ostensibly) they continued making breath-like movements for up to four minutes.

Park and his colleagues kept them in the containers for an additional minute after their last visible attempt at breathing.

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After all, the literal lab rats they exposed to the same conditions all died within that timespan.

“An hour into the experiment [the naked mole rats] looked perfectly fine,” said Park.

“After five hours, we were convinced that five percent oxygen is not a problem for these guys, so we decided to call it a night, go home, and have dinner.” To understand why Park and his colleagues at the Max Delbrück Institute in Berlin and the University of Pretoria in South Africa suspected that naked mole rats might do well in a low oxygen environments, it helps to know a bit about the critters. It’s a trait that they share with reptiles, but not with other mammals.

The fact that they don't really regulate their own body temperature means they don't expend any energy staying warm, so they need less oxygen compared to more common rats and mice.

“There's nothing special about five percent except that we knew it would be fatal to humans, and fatal to laboratory mice, and probably to everybody else,” said Park.

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