Mirka federer and roger federer dating datingandhra com

Miroslava Mirka Federer is a former Swiss Tennis player and the wife of world’s top ranked Tennis player, Roger Federer.

Mirka met Roger first during the 2000 Olympics and they started dating, while bonding over their common passion of tennis.At its core, tennis may be an individual sport in that there’s only player on one side of the net.But sit down and watch for even a couple minutes, and you’ll instantly notice that there are teams involved, too."She still plays a huge role and has great input and impact," Paul 's former co-coach, told the New York Times in 2012."She understands the big picture extremely well and does a great job in terms of letting us work but also shares invaluable information. Born in Switzerland, Roger’s father, Robert, moved to South Africa with a group of friends when he was in his 20’s.

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