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David Browning played the trumpet on the original recording of the theme, and was given the choice of either a royalty payment for each use of the theme on television, or a one-off payment at the time of recording, with Spear opting for the latter.Casting and design preparation took place over September and October.Tony Warren had written about a cobbled backstreet consisting of seven terraced houses, with the Rovers Return public house at one end and a Corner Shop (initially an off-licence) at the other, providing the residents with places to meet and gossip.Most of the main characters were present in early drafts of scripts - Rovers landlords Annie and Jack Walker, Frank and Ida Barlow, their student son Kenneth (who at that point had a sister called Enid), Glad Tidings Mission Hall caretaker and battleaxe Ena Sharples, bus driver Harry Hewitt and his daughter Lucille (then named Janice), shop owner Florrie Lindley, and the lower-class Tanners: Elsie and her grown up children Dennis and Linda.The positive feedback helped the cast and crew prepare for transmission with a renewed confidence.

While working at BBC Leeds in 1958 Warren had submitted a script entitled Our Street to his bosses, which was adapted from his unmade 1956 script Where No Birds Sing.The purpose of Florizel Street is to examine a community of this nature and, in doing so, entertain".On 25th August Granada, with some reluctance, commissioned a 12-part series written by Warren, with Stuart Latham as producer, H. Kershaw as script editor and Elton as its executive producer.Albert Tatlock was added to the line-up when a Granada executive asked for someone of "age, charm and dignity".The "street" began its life indoors, with drawn-on cobbles, in Studio 2 at Granada's Quay Street studios in Manchester.As no alternative would be ready in time, Coronation Street went ahead with its scheduled live transmission date of Friday 9th December but Elton was ordered to find a replacement as soon as possible.

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