Your webcam needs to be connected to the computer externally, or built-in, and compatible with one of the following image sizes: 160 pixels by 120 pixels, or 320 pixels by 240 pixels.

Your webcam must support common image color formats, including RGB, I420 or IYUV.

Click the "Help" menu button and then "Set Up Video and Voice." Follow the three-step process to test your computer's microphone, speakers and webcam settings.

I recomawnde me to yow, and lete yow wete þat notwythstandyng tydingges come downe, os ye knowe, þat pepill shuld not come vp tyll thei were sent fore, but to be redy at all tymes, this notwithstandyng mech pepill owt of this cuntré have take wages, seying thei woll goo vp to London.

Some features might not work correctly with the version of the web browser you’re currently using.

You can adjust your webcam preferences in the Yahoo Messenger Preferences window.

Item, this cuntré wold fayne take these fals shrewes that arn in oppynion contrary yo the Kyng and his counsell, if they had any auctorité from the Kyng to do so.

Item, my brother is redyn to Yarmowth for to lette brybours that wold a robbed ship vndyr colour of my lord of Warwyk, and longe nothyng to hem ward.

If possible, install the latest version of Yahoo Messenger.To my most reuerent and worchepfull fadyr John Paston be thys delyueryd in hast.Most reuerent and worchepfull fadyr, i recomande me to yow lowly, preying yow of yowyr blyssyng and hertly desyiryng to her of yowyr welfare and prosperyté, the whyche i prey God preserue and kepe to hys plesans and to yowyr hertys desyir.But thei have no capteyn ner rewler assigned be the comissioneres to awayte vp-on, and so thei stragyll abowte be them-self and be lyklynes arn not leke to come at London, half of them.And men that come from London sey there have not passid Thetford not passyng cccc and yet the townes and the cuntré that have waged hem shall thynk thei be dischargid.Click "Camera Settings…" to adjust your camera settings, including image size, brightness and contrast.

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