Love spanking chat rooms


So if you do buy adult material on Amazon please support us and buy from Teresa May and Cliff James T&C Enterprises and support the cause.

Perhaps this is a good time to make known that Teresa May has a new book available on Amazon Kindle called ​​​​​​​In my younger days when I had a hefty mortage to pay I used to work at weekends for an estate agent's showhouses on new property developments.

The naughty issue you can get Sorting through the archive Kane material that Josie Harrison Marks left with me I came across a box of black and white vintage spanking photos that the late George Harrison Marks had taken for Kane.

There's a few sets of these original photographic prints that contain thirty-two 5 x 7 inch of many Kane classic spanking pictures that include stills from Mandy Bait, Problem Girls and many others.

Another, I'm still trying to understand as my thoughts on her vary from each day to the next.

My thoughts on this is that these ''people'' are price fixing and using their muscle to keep a monopoly and prices high which is to their financial benefit.

All of this of course, in my humble opinion, is illegal and should be investigated by the monopolies commission though I doubt if any investigation would get far as a retailer can sell to whom they wish and those who they do not wish to sell to they don't.

Our rivals have tried to get us shut down by trying to prevent us getting stock.

They have bleated and cried to those who were supplying us and threatened to withdraw their business from them if they kept on dealing with us so we lost our main supplier.

All was going well, but them we realised that although our rivals were in theory price matching they were offering a discount of 15 percent and undercutting us thereby renaging on our agreement.

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