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While everyone has different preferences, you might be wondering if the city or the suburbs of the nation's capital are right for you.Here are the pros and cons to living in the Washington, DC area.The Smithsonian and other museums, cultural spaces etc. I guess it's fine if you like being robbed, harassed, and living with terrible city services and an unresponsive city government. A 30 minute drive can get me to VA vineyards, MD sailing, downhill skiing (MD, PA), and farther I can get to NC outer banks, Philly, Manhattan, or further into the mountains.Fantastic public schools and private schools in the DC/VA/MD area (and some bad). Fun national sports teams (hockey, basketball, baseball, football, college level as well), easy to get tickets and attend venues.I've lived here for 5 years and am always amazed by things that I haven't yet discovered.

Dating through agencies in Spain is as popular as anywhere else and many people find this the best way to make new friends, not always for long-term relationships but for company.On Tuesday you might be practicing Yoga in the morning, learning abstract painting techniques in the afternoon, and partaking in a Crème Brulee cooking demonstration by evening.Wednesday you might be writing your script for the Drama Club, learning how to speak Vietnamese, or heading into town for shopping and lunch.There are many people in Spain that met their partners online and have managed to form perfectly healthy, long-term relationships.If you are in any doubts that it is for you, try it.... Our two dozen independent senior living, supportive living, and assisted living communities are vibrant extensions of that promise.

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