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The police have confirmed that musician Vusi Nova, who was kidnapped in a hijacking outside his house in Melville, Johannesburg, has survived the ordeal.

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e NCA has reported he was left stripped down – only in his underwear and shoes.

It’s one reason I don’t like to talk about it, because it’s something that I can’t describe.”DEREK BLASBERG: “But you can find that in Brazil now?

”CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “In a way, yes, I can tap into that freedom and innocence.”DEREK BLASBERG: “I want to believe everything you’re saying, but all of my Brazilian friends are crazy.”CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “That’s because those are New York Brazilians, babes. My boyfriend’s mom lives in this small town, and time goes so slowly there.

So they’re going to really see what that country can do.”DEREK BLASBERG: “Do they still live in South Africa? Because of the political and safety issues, they had to let it go.

They sold it while I was away, which is one of the reasons I was happy to find a new place to be a savage. But we don’t get a lot of time off, and South Africa is so far away. I need to go there more often, but in a way it hurts.

We go straight to the beach, and spend the whole day there. I have Dutch blood, and Dutch South Africans can get really dark. Life was a little easier back in time, and it still is in Brazil. ”CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “Yes.”DEREK BLASBERG: “Okay, now I understand.

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