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People are kind of spinning it and saying it was sexist. “I think we just played into the viewers saying you should come up so he brought me over a sweater.

Burrous apologized for the awkward moment in a response to that tweet, writing, “I completely understand meant in jest but I see how it seemed. I hope you will give me another chance.” Chan said Sunday during a Facebook Live chat with fans that she was surprised the incident became “this big thing.” “I really wasn’t offended.

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The messenger of sex is the fastest way to meet the hottest girls in your area. Sex Messenger is an application that works on all drives such as smartphones and tablet computers. ” Chan asked as she slipped the sweater on over her sparkly Aidan Mattox dress. I look like a librarian now,” she said, looking slightly confused. Back in March, Chan’s seafoam green dress blended with the green screen and caused the weather patterns to show up on her clothes. But not offended, I don’t think it was sexist.” This is not Chan’s first wardrobe-related incident that made headlines.Il m’arrive d’utiliser des godes durant mes liveshow mais pas systématiquement.J’aime bien qu’on se chauffe juste par dial cokin avant de retirer nos fringues.Liberte Chan was in the middle of her Saturday morning weather update for KTLA Saturday when a frumpy gray sweater appeared on the right side of the camera.

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