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Such myopic perceptions regarding treatments also lead to aggravating the addiction and induces frequent relapse.Drug abuse is on the rise across the country, it isn’t a problem restricted to a certain district or a state alone.Trafficking has different purposes and forms, some persons are trafficked are used as bonded labourers and some person are trafficked for the purpose of flesh trade.In the organized crime world of flesh trade and people smuggling syndicates, men, woman, children are all potential preys.The District Legal Services Authority is to act as the nodal point between the police administration and the civil-society, who will work in collaboration with each other to actively combat the growing menace of drug abuse and human trafficking.It is the first of its kind initiative where community participation was fortified and the police was encouraged to engage with the community in order to help stop the problem from accelerating. Experts say lack of social support and apathy leads to addiction development.Experts have warned that lack of awareness among family members and teachers regarding substance abuse and addiction may take a toll on the future of the society.

Also, an element of stigma is involved where victim shaming is the norm thus return of the victim becomes even more difficult.Two teenagers uncovered an international trafficking racket.Tejasweeta Pradhan (17yrs) and Shivani Gond (16 yrs), are members of the Students Against Trafficking Club (SATC).Again, both suffer social taboos and in both cases victim shaming is almost an impulsive social response.As a result victims shy away from asking for help or even in cases where they do, they are shunned away.A minor girl who had gone missing from Nepal was traced in Delhi by Darjeeling based NGO, Mankind in Action for Rural Growth, MARG.

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