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Talk about how you see your faith play out in your daily life.Don’t assume that just because you’re both Jewish, you’re on the same page spiritually.This is not the place to be if you're trying to avoid a Jew you know … I know that sounds ridiculously lame, but it's delicious. The Weber Grill is also a magical place; it's where I met my husband.So you never know who you'll run into when you're here.I really wanted to try to find something new, to tell the world our little Jewish secrets.There must be something beyond talking about our favorite restaurant in Boca (Too Jay's Deli), my mahjong game, or how many times we're going to see Hamilton.

Sure, I heard about all of the places you'd expect Jews to list like Hamakor and Spertus, but the Jews I know really wanted to talk to me about their Lettuce Entertain You Points and what to order from Wildfire.

We asked all of our new mommy and daddy friends what all new Jewish parents should know.

And while they can’t prevent diaper blowouts, spit up stains, or sleepless nights, their advice might just make your crazy journey into parenthood a little bit easier.

So what I learned is what we have always known: Jews love food. Most of our holidays are attached to food, so it makes perfect sense.

Here they are then, in no particular order, the 18 restaurants you're most likely to run into a Jew that you know. Please have the Hoppel Poppel, please have the matzah ball soup, please eat all of your free pickles.

You can't talk Jewish food in the Chicago area and not have Max & Benny's on the list.

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