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As they’re walking in the studio together, he’s walking ahead of Kim.

And, his hand is on top of hers, which is a clue that perhaps he’s the dominant one in the relationship.

There were tons of big stars at Craig's Thursday night -- Viola Davis, Paul Haggis, Nick Jonas -- but Kim Kardashian only stopped to talk to one person ... A TMZ staffer inside the restaurant saw the whole thing unfold ...

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Not what you’d expect from a loving couple," says Blanca Cobb, body language and lie detection expert.

The couple are expecting their second child and announced the news on Instagram.

In the simple yet sweet post, Mowry is pictured showing off her tiny bump while her hubby and 6-year-old son Cree give it a sweet smooch.

People were in awe." Kim noticed Payton sitting with 4 other dudes at a table in the middle of the restaurant -- and walked right past other stars (including Haggis) to say what up! they first met around 2007 when Kim was dating Reggie Bush who played for Payton's Saints. and with Bush out of the picture for both parties ...

Payton got out of his seat and gave Kim a huge hug -- and congratulated her for a recent accomplishment.

Hip Hollywood came across this image on Bush’s account posted 189 weeks ago, reading: “I know you’re the one because the smell of your vagina doesn’t make me gag.” In the caption, the NFL running back writes: “#LMAO #Because You Know Its True.” Reggie and Kim dated for several years before calling it quits and marrying other people.

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