Internet dating translation

Love to have fun = I'm running out of things to say.43.I love life = I'm totally out of things to say.""I am a bit embarrassed that I am this desperate." Come on, love, we all are: it's fine."I can't believe I've had to resort to this.""I am angry that someone has gorgeous as I am is like everyone else, really." "Looks aren't that important to me.""I care very much how someone looks, but don't think I'm good looking enough to be able to say that.""I asked my friends how they'd describe me, and they said kind, funny, and generous to a fault.""I have 3 friends: 2 men called Andy, and a woman called Helen I went out with once.

But I've pulled myself together, and I'm up and at 'em: no-one's going to stop me being happy.""I am average looking.""I fell hard from the ugly tree, hitting every branch on the way down.""I am attractive""I am plain.), friends ONLY ever say 'kind, generous, loving, funny'. As it happens my friends can believe I'm single, but not in a bad way."I have just come out of a relationship.""I need someone to make me feel better, for I am very, very lonely and confused." Avoid. The type of document you choose to translate will help us ascertain the level of comprehension required for your receiving party.Don't contact me if you can't use "your" and "you're" = I think I'm probably more intelligent than you.21.My life is amazing = I'd like to talk to you about my job.22.Looking for my partner in crime = MY FRIENDS CALL ME "DANGER" (no they don't).17.

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