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Like many other social networking services in China, live streaming was the significant boost for its business, generating 4.8 million revenue during Q4 alone.Since it was added to the Momo service in Q3 2015, live streaming has taken an increasingly larger share of Momo’s revenue stream, to the point that it is now dominant today.Momo’s mobile gaming unit has been growing quickly thanks to several big titles like hard-core game Momo Craft and Momo Fight the Landlord.

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In 2016, we have primarily relied on converting existing Momo users onto the live streaming service.Momo is certainly not aiming to become a live-streaming company even though that side of its business now represents nearly 80 percent of its revenue.Rather, the company has evolved from a simple location-based feature that helps people discover new relationships to take on different kinds of entertainment.Momo’s live video streaming business adopted a similar commercialization model in which the platform enables viewers to buy virtual gifts for singers, with the revenue split between the broadcaster and Momo.For now, it has focused on its own user base, but there are grander plans to expand the platform’s reach.Our writers explore and prepare you for the thoughts and feelings we all experience on our dating journey to keep things fun and interesting.

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