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From the town there are four arterial roads: In the north-east of the locality, the Condamine River flows from south to north along Kogan's boundary with Warra, while Wilkie Creek flowing from south to north (a tributary of the Condamine) forms Kogan's boundary with Macalister.Wambo Creek flows from south to north-west through the south-western part of the locality and is eventually a tributary of the Condamine River.To help protect those people who do not wish to see such content, especially those who browse this site at work, the site has a content filter in place to block the viewing of such files. You need to be a registered member of this site and logged in.To change your viewing preferences, including whether you can view files classed as adult-only, simply change your member preferences and return to this page.It was a changing station on the Dalby-Roma coach route prior to the construction of the Western railway line.It had a hotel, the Kogan Inn, at that time, but this closed after the demise of the coach route.He often painted murals on local buildings to pay his bills.

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Low-profile siya, ayaw na ayaw matulad kina Abraham at Gabriel na laging pinagkakaguluhan ng mga tagahanga at kababayan kapag umuuwi sa San Simon. ” Napatigil sa pag-aararo si Sixto, ihininto ang traktora. Napagod pa kayo.” Nakababa na sa traktora ang guwapong binata, sinalubong na ang butihing ina.Ito ay bukod sa pagyayaman niya sa bahaging taniman ng Santiara.May dalawa siyang tauhang tagasaka na siya ang namamahala sa tamang pagtatanim.Kogan Provisional School opened on 4 October 1897 and closed about 1899.It reopened in 1905 and became Kogan State School in 1910.The locality of Kogan is shaped like an upside-down U with the locality of Beelbee almost enclosed by Kogan.

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