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Once your Naked ADSL2 service is active you will need to first ensure that your router is configured for internet and Vo IP connectivity. Under normal circumstances the sound quality is comparable to standard (PSTN) telephone services.

There are three order types available for TPG Home Phone with ADSL2 Service: Ports available on TPG Naked ADSL2 network are allocated on first come first serve basis. If an exchange has reached maximum capacity, it will be marked as NO PORTS on the DSLAM Rollout Progress page Emails from TPG are sent to the contact email address that you have provided at the time of registration.If you can find phone sockets on the wall, mostly likely you should have phone line connected already.This means no more costly monthly line rental , once Naked ADSL2 is connected, for the landline phone service you hardly ever use.What you need is the copper line connected between phone exchange to your premise, which you have used to make phone calls and access the Internet.More than 50% of TPG's ADSL2 customers obtain connection speeds exceeding 10Mbps.

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