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In all this time I’ve only witnessed two people who’d had to high-tail it immediately back to where they felt most comfortable again.Two expats who unfortunately hadn’t taken the time to delve into whether it was really right for them personally beforehand. The answer lies in a host of characteristics I plan to share with you in upcoming articles (yes, that’s a teaser!There you’ll find Expat Wise Chats (video interviews), and ongoing relevant Blog posts on life overseas.You’ll also discover information about Personal Expat Coaching services, as well as a ‘mini-course on the expat life’ called “The Expat Wise Guide”. “Aren’t you going to share those particular glimpses and insights? Absolutely.” The Costa Rican expat experience can be absolutely exhilarating.

So what are you wating for all you have to do is regist on Espanola Chat and confirm you subscription and a minute later you will recieve you free phone chat line numbers by email. Brazilian Mexican Puerto Rican Dominican Honduran Columbian Panamian Argentinian Valenzuelan Cuban Peruvian Nicaraguan Bolivian Costa Rican Chilean Guatemalan El Salvadoran Paraguayan Spanish Uruguayan We are the best local matchmakers in the world.

While this is certainly a shameless plug (and I promise, the only one you’ll see in articles from here on), I sincerely hope you’ll join me there as well. But just as with any country, however, there are bound to be challenges to adjust to as well.

We’ll face all of it head-on, basking in the journey together!

The novelty of doing something totally new and unique was exhilarating. Yet quite another to feel with any certainty that everything would work out.

Soon I’d be going beyond the “same old, same old”, and stepping into an entirely new world full of learning experiences as an expat. What’s more, deep down I knew it would be all right. I assure you, though, somehow it usually always does.

In fact, you may just be taking it so seriously that you’re ready to take action. Thinking back, it occurs to me that the planning phase was probably the most incredibly exciting to me.

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