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The following 50 helpful tips include advice for keeping your children safe when they venture into the wireless world, information about reducing radiation from cell phone use, driving safely while using your cellphone, and everyday safety tips that everyone can use.

These tips aren’t listed in any particular order of importance, but they are categorized to make it easy to locate the advice you’re looking for.

And carry device at chest height with head up, chest open and shoulder blades back. If you’re reading on a tablet or phone, stop every so often to swivel and tilt your head — up and down, then side to side.” – , Good Housekeeping; Twitter: @goodhousemag 14. And blurred vision plus sore neck muscles can also cause headaches. D., told that phone users should try to hold their phones at least 16 inches away from their faces.

“If you’re experiencing eye discomfort, make your phone’s font size bigger. Every few minutes look up from your screen at something far away for short breaks, and don’t forget to blink.” – Amanda Hawkins, , Good Housekeeping; Twitter: @goodhousemag 16. “Place your cell phone within easy reach and where you can grab it without taking your eyes off of the road.

Many states have outlawed cell phone usage when driving.” – , The City of Bloomington; Twitter: @citybloomington 24. Don’t put the phone in your pocket or clip it to your belt, even when using your headset.” – , EWG; Twitter: @ewg 25. As long as your cell phone is on, it emits radiation intermittently, even when you are not actually making a call.

Use your cell phone for emergencies or important calls only. If you’re pregnant, avoiding or reducing your cell phone use may be especially important.” – Dr. Learn about the potential effects of radiation on reproductive health.

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All told, checking-in may be one of the most reckless cell phone safety errors we can commit.” –, About Money; Twitter: @About Money 11. “Don’t save your banking app ID on your device: Most apps give consumers the option to save their ID to that device.Remember, an emergency call is a free call on your cell phone! But if your security settings on the social networks are not set properly, you could just as easily be telling robbers that your house is vacant right now, which they will find most helpful when they clean you out.Sometimes, they will come back in a couple of months, to get this stuff you bought with the insurance money, too.Cell phone safety is a top priority for people all over the world—especially those with children.There are many tips for ensuring that both you and your kids are using your cell phone or smartphone safely—from being careful when you cross the road, to learning the driving laws in your area, which way to carry your phone for radiation reduction, and monitoring and limiting the amount of time your child or teen spends using their device.Most apps automatically sign users out after a set time without detecting activity, but it’s safer to sign out immediately after each use.” – Stephen Ebbett, , About Money; Twitter: @About Money 12. “Let your bank know if your phone or tablet is lost or stolen: If you use your mobile device for banking, it’s a good idea to alert your bank if your smartphone or tablet goes missing, even if you have a strong password and haven’t saved cookies from a previous session.

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