France marriage and dating facts

Dotted about the church were my husband's ex-girlfriends.

Elegant, exquisitely dressed and immaculately groomed, they radiated a mixture of hauteur and sexual confidence.

And once it's no longer fun, you move on and there are no hard feelings. I had a place to study English at Magdalen College, Oxford.

Laurent was chatting to another male guest, so I wandered next door to see.

When I opened the door, the scene that met my eyes left me reeling with shock.

As though the feminist movement had put them on their guard with women for ever. It was obvious, from the start, that in our sex life he would lead. When I told him I was too young, he wasn't put off.

He simply carried on his pursuit when I returned to Oxford. He knew the way to win me would be to play hard to get.

If I didn't kiss a boy, I felt nothing would happen.

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