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In the Puer/Senex dilemma, there is a conflict between the senex, or old man (Capricorn and Saturn) –a part of ourselves that internalizes responsibility and lives within the limitations of daily life — and the puer, or young man–(in this case, Sagittarius) the part that wants to be free of those responsibilities and live a charmed and unlimited life.

Most of us have some conflict or another within us, and often we manage these conflicts by internalizing one side of the conflict and projecting the other.

So, it’s exciting to have your freedom back, essentially.’But despite wanting to step away from the limelight, Lilly has a new sci-fi drama hitting cinemas in October, in which she stars alongside Hugh Jackman.

The action film, Real Steel, is a boxing drama set in the near-future where 2,000 pound robots that look like humans do battle.

They remained close friends after the split and continued to work on the show together until it ended last May.

While Monaghan decided to continue living in Los Angeles, Lilly has been staying in Hawaii, where Lost was filmed.

The couple met while she was playing Kate Austin on the hit ABC TV show, where he worked as a production assistant. I want to drop off the radar a little bit and enjoy a little bit of normalcy.’ And she revealed on ABC’s The View last May, that acting was just her day job and she wanted to concentrate on writing and being a mother.

Sagittarians are famous for their need for the freedom required to stay on a perpetual quest for meaning in life.

However, Dom is more grounded in his nature than Evi is – his chart shows Mercury and Venus both in responsible Capricorn, showing that he is a detailed and goal-oriented (Capricorn) thinker (Mercury) and committed (Capricorn) in his relationships (Venus).

Kate is represented as a Gemini, with Charlie (Dominic Monaghan’s character) as a Pisces.

I was curious to see not only how their relationship worked, but also wondered how closely their actual birthcharts reflect their character’s personas and took a look at their charts.

Mars in Gemini doesn’t like to be pinned down to anything; Gemini needs a variety of experiences – the “experience guzzler” as described by my friend Steve Forrest.

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