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Great Driffield is an agricultural settlement and is located at the point where the River Hull begins.

The River Hull is formed here by several streams flowing down from the Yorkshire Wolds and many of these streams are noted for their Trout.

Great Driffield's most notable historic feature is the church of All Saints.

It was first built around 1200 but was much restored by Gilbert Scott. Little Driffield, with its village green, lies a mile to the west of Great Driffield.

Many Bronze Age burials and other finds have been discovered in the neighbourhood of the wolds.

The little town of Great Driffield lies just on the edge of the Wolds and is sometimes known as the 'Capital of the Wolds'.

The Hull flows southward in the land to the east of Great Driffield before joining the River Humber at the City of Hull.One of the best known characters associated with Bridlington Priory was John of Bridlington, who was born at Thwing, a few miles to the north west in 1362.He was famed for working miracles and after his death in 1401 was made a saint by the Pope.It was only fourteen years later that a Quaker called Robert Fowler set sail from Bridlington to America with eleven Quakers and with absolutely no experience of sailing.Remarkably they landed safely in America only a few miles from their intended destination.During the Civil War, Bridlington was used as a landing place by Queen Henrietta, Charles I's queen.

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