Derek jeter dating kinka


BRIDGESTONE - "Scream" or "Unexpected Obstacles" - :30 (Between First and Second Quarters) Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas AD: Shane Altman/ CW: Mike Bales Director/Production: Kinka Usher, House of Usher Ad promotes the tire«s performance. COM - "Queen of Hearts" or "Firefly" - :30 Agency: Wieden Kennedy, Portland, OR Director/Production: Suthon Petchsuwan , TWC OR/and Mike Mills, The Directors Bureau, Hollywood.

Ad promotes the tire«s performance and their "key messaging" that they are "for drivers who want to get the most out of their cars- it’s Bridgestone or nothing." . The Super Bowl will kick off the company«s largest integrated campaign (including tv, outdoor, ambient "street art", grassroots promo events, etc) and uses a new tagline: "Start Building".

PEPSI/MOUNTAIN DEW AMP ENERGY - "Camel Race" - :30 Agency: BBDO The spot stars Dale Earnhardt Jr.

getting the boost he needs from Mountain Dew Amp Energy to out-race a camel.

As his troops look on, the emperor hurriedly slips his Garmin into his coat, striking the classic Napoleonic pose in the process. TOYOTA - :30 Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, LA Director/Production: Jesse Peretz, RSA or Lance Acord of Park Pictures, NY The spot shows off the updated Corolla and "features a humorous product demonstration".

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And it«s time for one final push before tomorrow«s big game (although, you know we're suckers for news, so if we hear something, if you submit something, we just might update this again between now and kickoff).As lively French music plays in the background, viewers see an arm reach out to pay a toll.Observers in a small town watch as the car goes by. say never." The short shifts into images of a white Yukon hybrid and text, noting that the vehicle gets 50% better mileage.The winning song will air as a professionally produced music video during the ad slot. COM - "Search" - :30 Agency: creative:mint Animation: Geoff Callan and Daniel Grace, Creative Mint, San Francisco The concept and copy for the spot was created by Vin Gupta, founder and chairman of the company. CEO Parsons says "it«s the funniest ad we've ever done." Sure thing, Bob-o. I'm sure most of us in the ad world will be surprised by that though.;-) Superadgrunts, see "Spot On" and "White Light" below.Pepsi Co then had two of their deaf employees, Brian Dowling and Darren Therriault, play the other two parts.

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