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I agree with quite a bit, but I think there are some areas that need a little fleshing out and amplification.

move on immediately -- it will not get better with time. Don't obsess over one particular female based on appearance. 12) The vast majority of men get rejected much more often than they seal the deal. 16) Humans are generally not very good at monogamy.I've been married once for 5 years, divorced for 3.I went through my AFC (wussy) phase in my late teens, but I was fortunate enough to snap out of it by the time I was 20. I've been reading many of the articles and message threads here.29) Never avoid discussing something that bothers you out of fear of losing the relationship. If a woman you are approaching for the first time is rude or obnoxious, simply go away.Most relationships will - sooner or later - be lost anyway. Tossing an insult or scathingly witty comment back simply demonstrates that your self-confidence is far lower than hers. This doesn't mean be a pushover, it means you bend with the wind (kind of a Zen thing).18) Women tend to be far more pragmatic about relationships than men.

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