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Yano, originally from Hawaii, spent his youth pursuing saltwater fish but quickly turned into a freshwater fanatic after moving to Oregon in 1980.In 1981, Yano mastered his own egg cure formula, “Yano Cure,” which quickly became a Northwest favorite. have teamed up to produce the most effective curing formula available.Catch more steelhead & salmon Northwest favorite Pautzke Bait Co.– known worldwide for their “Balls O’ Fire” eggs and “Soft But Satisfying” recipe – continues an over 70-year tradition of providing premium eggs and attractants to the trout, salmon, and steelhead world by teaming up with Northwest dry cure specialist Mark Yano to produce the most sought-after, proven formula for salmon & steelhead: Fire Cure™.

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Generously sprinkle Fire Cure™ on both sides of skein then layer skeins in a wide mouth jar or other sealed container.

will mark Pataki’s final exit from her four-year run in the leadership of Putnam County tourism.

It comes amid state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s investigation of her shoddy leadership of two nonprofits she led.

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i used the background pic but my banner is too big and it is only showing part of it.. i've also removed the search feature on the top so far. :) this is *awesome* How do I get rid of the "Powered by Zen Cart" and replace it with my logo? If you are using an unmodified stock template and have a GIF logo you can name your logo 'logo.gif' and FTP it to the YOUR_TEMPLATE/images/ directory.

At the end of 3 days, your eggs are ready for use or be stored.

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