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Ancient India represented a distinct tradition of law, and had a historically independent school of legal theory and practice.

The Arthashastra, dating from 400 BC and the Manusmriti, from 100 AD, were influential treatises in India, texts that were considered authoritative legal guidance.

This decision was based on an 8-1 acquittal of Kawas Nanavati in K. In February 2011, the Supreme Court of India ruled that criminal defendants have a constitutional right to counsel. The last execution was conducted on February 28, 2017, when two women, Renuka Shinde and Seema Mohan Gavit, who were guilty of kidnapping and killing at least 13 children under 6 years, were executed at Yerwada Central Jail in the morning.

They were also the first women in India to be given capital punishment.

Indian tax law involves several different taxes levied by different governments.

Sales tax is levied under VAT legislation at the state level.This covers custodial deaths, police atrocities, encounter killings, illegal detention and disappearances.Law commission of India's first report was relating to the Liability of the State in Tort.Inter-State relations in the pre-Islamic period resulted in clear-cut rules of warfare of a high humanitarian standard, in rules of neutrality, of treaty law, of customary law embodied in religious charters, in exchange of embassies of a temporary or semi-permanent character.Although its administrative provisions are to a large extent based on the Government of India Act 1935, it also contains various other provisions that were drawn from other constitutions in the world at the time of its creation.Laws passed by the Parliament of India and other pre-existing central laws on subjects classified as central subjects are binding on all citizens.

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