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************************************************************************* This questionnaire is provided by the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) as a mechanism to gather feedback on the initial report of the Forum on the Future of Surveying. ************************************************************************* An exhibit featuring antique surveying equipment will be opening later this month at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum located in Waco, Texas. *********************************************************************** The Board is proposing to amend the following Board Rules: 661.31, 661.55, 661.57, and 661.99.

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The Board is appreciative of their service and dedication.So, the Board has withdrawn rule 661.57 from possible adoption and will publish the changes as “proposed” in a subsequent issue of the Texas Register.This action will effectively invite any member of the public to submit comments concerning the proposed changes.*************************************************************************** Beginning October 14, 2016, the Board will live-stream its Board meetings over the internet. **************************************************************************** ATTENTION SURVEYORS, or anyone planning to attend the upcoming Board meeting on October 14, 2016: The meeting is open to the public.This means that it is NOT a requirement to first register for the TSPS Annual Convention in order to attend.In TX, most of these transactions are handled by your local county tax office.

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