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odern scholars dispute this traditional account of St.

Patrick's life and argue that a number of missionaries converted the Irish to Christianity, indeed it seems entirely possible that small pockets of Christianity already existed brought to the island by traders.

Some scholars are of the opinion that the Patrick story was invented entirely by the Catholic church, but all scholars agree that the people eventually accepted the new religion without much opposition. The monasteries became so important that the system of dioceses founded by St. Each monastery was independent, and the abbots of the monasteries eventually became more powerful than the bishops.

he early church in Ireland incorporated many of the Pagan ceremonies and rituals into their services and church calendar. uring this period generally called the Dark Ages in Europe religion and scholarship almost disappeared in some other countries.

The greatest of the Irish raiders was Feidlimid mac Crimthainn, king of Munster, who is reputed to have burned the monasteries of Kildare, Clonfert, Durrow, and Clonmacnoise among others.

Feidlimid was himself in holy orders, probably of Episcopal rank As such sympathies lay with the Celi De, and justified his raids as a crusade to stamp out corruption in the church.

ater he was called before the high king, Laoghaire, at Tara, Laoghaire was impressed with Patrick and he gave him permission to preach.Although his victims were probably chosen because of their affiliation with the Ui Neill kings of the this period was specially made for them.Examples of such metalwork are the Ardagh Chalice, the Innisfallen Crosier, and book shrines called Cumdachs.It has been suggested that some of the early monastic sites occupied land previously used as Druid colleges and may have taken over from them. But during this time, Ireland became a great center of education and scholarship.Certainly early church sites tended to be sited in or near oak groves, the oak was sacred to the Celts. Many students came from Britain and Europe to Ireland to study in its famous monastic schools.he history of Ireland could be described with some justification as a sad catalogue of invasion upon invasion, of petty tribal infighting between each successive group, providing the opportunity for the next invaders who were usually better armed and more experienced in warfare, to gain a foothold.

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