Dating customs philipenes


While Filipinos are generally very welcoming and hospitable, integrating yourself into a completely Filipino who’ve known each other since childhood.

Going above and beyond to make a guest feel like family is part of the Filipino make-up.Just remember, as much as they love giving them, they love receiving them too.When it comes to dating a Filipino, you won’t have to worry much about small disagreements blowing out of proportion. That is, they try their hardest not to lose their temper and not to respond with anger.Expect small gestures, like a surprise visit or bringing you (a snack), just because.And these gestures can escalate to much grander scales on special occasions like your birthday, anniversaries, or valentines day.And it’s normal to have extended family scattered in provinces all over the country, so you can be sure you’ll have someone to take you in or take you around should you find yourself in a family member’s hometown.

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