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Throughout training and serving, dissociation from the act of killing is subtly introduced and reinforced through powerful diversion of attention to more immediate stimuli.

This is achieved through rigorous, repetitive and enjoyable training with a focus on accuracy, timing and technique.

With practice, stress reactions can be so effectively subsumed that the sufferer stops feeling, even after the event.

I was the first woman to pass through the Royal Air Force's fast-jet flying training system.

We are here to give you advice in dating a Pilot, or assist Pilots on how to contact someone online.

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Tanks full of medical supplies can reach just about anywhere; where they falter we have heavy-lift helicopters.

These are jobs worthy of our young people serving in the military. It's a bold change of mindset, certainly but I believe my children, and all young soldiers, deserve it.

Because of the emphasis on minimising emotional thinking and expression, high levels of stress can be held at bay for a considerable period of time.

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