Dating a catfighter


However, we're not going to say that women don't feud or that they don't feud more than men—although the interest in lady feuds is so out-sized, who knows how many man feuds we've missed out on?

And with regard to how much men don't get along with each other, women tend to spar more emotionally, purposefully and/or ostentatiously—therefore word might get around more when it does happen.

Davis was also only 54 in 1962 and Crawford was 56; considering Meryl Streep is 67 and upon her head still sits the crown, we can all be glad this is a different time.

But what hasn't changed a whit is the unmistakable tendency to pit women against each other—however loosely based in fact.

But while the realization that women are stronger together is increasingly more prevalent, that hasn't ended the fascination with women fighting with each other, whether it's Bette vs. But with full-on physical throw-downs not all that likely outside of a "reality" show or a soap opera, it's apparently still just that easy to believe that women don't get along—or that if they do have a momentary spat, that it means they actually have an intense dislike for each other.

No woman can just get angry and then get over it, right?

Yet there's a sociological explanation for women stealing all the thunder when it comes to reports of disquiet on the set.

A relatively few amount of times the animosity has been real.But it's always the same examples of co-star tensions being recycled time and again that have been more than enough to fuel rumors about other feuds that ended up being as real as Jimmy Kimmel having daggers for Matt Damon.Some recent hearsay that fizzled on arrival was a rather ironic report that Reese Witherspoon was "furious" at co-star and co-producer Nicole Kidman for not doing enough to promote the limited series, in which they played best friends and which recently concluded its gripping run on HBO.Considering the bond they formed last summer while shooting the lavish murder mystery and how much the Oscar winners at least seemed to revere each other... News heard the tale was completely bogus, and Witherspoon's rep called it "ridiculous, completely fabricated and untrue."The denial trifecta."We didn't know each other very well before we started but I just always...I always looked up to you," Reese told Nicole in February when they sat down to interview each other for ABC News.Ryan Murphy deciding to delve into the tortured relationship between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford might have seemed random at first glance.

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