Cody longo and christina milian dating


Lina calls for back up and takes the Sea Lions to an impromptu flavour school to work on their movements.

She later meets Evan waiting for her there, and Victor (Brandon Gonzales), Gloria's boyfriend, befriends him.

They get back together, and Lina and her team make it to the final round of the All Star Championship and end up defeating The Jaguars, after which Avery breaks down.

Evan comforts her but motions a "call me" signal to Lina over Avery's shoulder.

There she breaks up with Evan, sends for Gloria to take her back to East L. There, Lina is confronted by Gloria and Trey, so she stays at Malibu and becomes Captain of The Sea Lions again.

American Cheerleader Magazine had an interview and photo shoot with cast members Christina Milian, Cody Longo, Vanessa Born, Rachele Brooke Smith and Gabrielle Dennis, which can be seen in the August 2009 issue.

After Lina upsets Sky (Holland Roden), her stepsister, she is forced to join The Sea Lions.

She goes into the school stadium to check them out and finds Evan (Cody Longo), a basketball player who is also her crush, practicing hoops. Lina impresses Evan, and The Sea Lions vote her Captain.

The film ends with Lina taking a picture with Trey, Gloria and Sky, claiming all of them as her cheer sisters. The field shots were filmed at Occidental College, in western Los Angeles County.

The spirit championships were filmed at Glendale Community College in Glendale, California and California State University Northridge in Northridge, California.

Avery and Kayla approach Lina, Christina (Nikki Soo Hoo), and Sky to tell them that they are dreaming if they think they have a chance at winning the Spirit Championship. By combining the Sea Lions and the Rough Riders, they become The Dream Team.

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